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How to Apply Wallpaper

Applying wallpaper is sometimes a tricky process; however, it can also prove an easy process if the individual knows what he is doing. The key to applying wallpaper is to have all the required materials before attempting to start the project.

  1. First: Clean the walls

    Dust, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or do whatever is needed to clean the walls. You want a flat, smooth and clean surface before attempting to apply any wallpaper. Make sure that the wall is dry before attempting to apply the adhesive, though, because it can not stick to wet paint.

  2. Second: Determine what type of wallpaper you want to use

    There are two types of wallpaper: self-adhesive wallpaper and the more traditional wallpaper that requires a bonding agent that you must mix in order to activate it. There are pros and cons to both types of wallpaper. It is generally a good idea to have someone else to help you apply the wallpaper to ensure that strips are straight; however, if you are alone, the self-adhesive wallpaper is likely the best match for you.

  3. Third: Align the wallpaper

    Align the wallpaper with the area in which you are starting. Peel off the film that protects the adhesive, and apply firmly to the wall. If you are using traditional wallpaper techniques, mix the adhesive, and apply it to the wall -- then, apply the wallpaper. Apply pressure with a flat surface, and drag along the wallpaper, downwards and outwards, to eliminate air bubbles in the wallpaper.

  4. Fourth: Repeat

    Repeat the steps until the entire project is completed. Once done, trim away excess wallpaper, then admire the job.